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Picture of me smiling, with a flower I found in Israel.

About Charissa'sLifeNuggets

What are "Life Nuggets"?

Hello, my name is Charissa and I have been on a lifelong journey to learn, grow, heal, and live a purposeful life helping others.  
Nuggets are wonderful life lessons, that God gives in amazing ways. Nuggets are sometimes very simple-seeming thoughts that can make a big impact on life in general. Things that speak to you right where you are.

As an artist and Christian counselor, I combine nuggets from God with therapeutic art techniques and biblical counsel to help you live the life you were created to live.

I offer prophetic and therapeutic paint events. 
Group and Individual sessions are available
Book here.

My blog offers "nuggets" on many different subjects from parenting, to dealing with times of trial. You are sure to find something there that will speak to you in a personal way. 
I sell originals and prints of my paintings and various types of art in 
my store

Browse my site, and see what areas interest you most! 
I have added my own music, so don't forget to listen as you scroll through! 

Be forewarned, I am quirky and God has a sense of humor that I love!!

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